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Update on my Week!

on February 22, 2013

I haven’t written much obviously because there haven’t been any new posts lol. I have been focusing on spending time with Ryan this week since he is going back to Oregon tomorrow for 6 weeks.  😦  I am trying not to focus on that part because it makes me really sad.  Big Ryan and I just don’t feel complete when he is not with us.  But we made the best of this week 🙂  & we still have all of tonight and the whole ride to Mt. Shasta with our little boy ❤  This is how our week has been going so far:


I got to take Ry and Scarlett ice skating!  It was so much fun and Ry is getting so good at it!  Scarlett was such a go getter and wanted to get right on the ice until she realized it was slippery lol.  Then she wanted to sit on her chair and have me push her 🙂  I love that Snoopy Home Ice gives the opportunity for chairs because they help Ry skate and they are great for the littler ones that aren’t quite ready!  The chairs would have been great the first time I took Ry when he was Scarlett’s age 🙂  We skated around the rink for about an hour and then the kiddos wanted to go.  We headed outside and played in the “forest” and by the fountain and then headed home.  That was our fun adventure for Tuesday ❤

IMG_20130219_121027 IMG_1035Cropped IMG_1037cropped IMG_1041 IMG_1051cropped IMG_1056


Ry and I woke up and tried calling the sticker factory to reserve our spots in the tour.  Well, they never returned our call and the factory is literally 3 minutes from my house so we took off for the factory just to see if they had spots for us.  As we were pulling into the driveway of the sticker factory, I got a call from them saying they only had spots avaliable at 1 and we couldn’t go at that time because we were meeting Ry’s teacher for his Quarter 3 meeting at 1.  Since we were already there, we parked and headed inside the store to see if we could get any cool stickers for cheap.  We lucked out!  We got all of these stickers for less than 3 dollars!


Ry was especially excited about the karate stickers 🙂  After we left the sticker factory store we noticed there was a pretty reserve of water behind the factory with walking paths around it.  We couldn’t get there from the parking lot because of gates so we hopped in the car and drove down the street to find the parking lot for the Ellis Reserve.  We parked and took off down the path for a cool walk/run.  We raced most the way and it was fun having to race around the puddles that were on the path.  Here are some of the pics ❤

IMG_20130220_111301 IMG_20130220_112030


After spending about an hour walking around, we raced back to the car and Ry won 🙂  We plan on taking Dottie back there when he comes back to California!  We headed home for a quick snack and to collect his work samples and off we went again!  We went to the Rohnert Park library to meet with his teacher!  He had finished most of his kindergarten testing on their quarter 1 meeting so she just wanted to meet with us and see his progress.  He definitely blew her away 🙂  He is so smart and I love being his teacher.  He did so good in his meeting that I got him a Mighty Kids Meal afterwards!  He doesn’t get those too often so he was excited.  Sadly, I told the drive thru person that it was for a boy but they still put a Barbie toy in it 😦  He almost started to cry but we decided that he had enough McDonalds toys and that he would give this one to Scarlett or something.  (Sorry Scarlett, I think it got thrown out on accident lol…it was an ugly weird looking barbie anyway :P)  We headed home again and waited for daddy to get home!  We tried to go bowling with Andrea, Randy & Scarlett but my smart fiance told me to call to check if they’d have lanes and of course they didn’t.  League was taking over the lanes that night so we just decided to stay home and play soccer!

IMG_20130220_172526 IMG_20130220_172652 IMG_20130220_173656

Ry is getting so good at soccer!  It is amazing what a little outside play can do!  We tried really hard this time he was here to play more outside and he loved it!  His soccer skills went from nothing to even scoring a goal on daddy!  He learned how to dribble the ball and how to kick hard among other things.  Daddy is such a great teacher and it just makes me sad knowing that Little Ry could be SO much better at sports if he could just stay in one place for more than 6 weeks.  Maybe one day we will move to Oregon so that he could join a little league team with Daddy as his coach.  He’d be amazing!  He is such a great kid and makes his situation the best it can be!  We always instill in him that even though his life is different than a lot of other little kids, he is just even more lucky and blessed because he has 2 sets of amazing parents that love him sooooo much.  He gets double the love!  and double the toys 😛  He knows that he is loved by all his parents and he is doing amazing in everything he does!  I am getting sad now because I am thinking about him leaving me 😦    On to better, happier topics…


Well, Andrea and Scarlett came with Ry and I to the San Francisco Zoo!  We had such a blast.  It’s such a pretty drive there and back and the weather couldn’t have been better.  Clear skies throughout San Fran and a nice breeze.  Still chilly but amazingly pretty!  I got to connect with Andrea more which was super awesome and the kiddos had fun together.  Here are some highlights:

IMG_20130221_141217 IMG_1204cropped IMG_1206cropped IMG_1226cropped IMG_1237cropped IMG_1244cropped IMG_1251cropped IMG_1288cropped

After the zoo we had planned on going to Crissy Field (right under the GG bridge) to take pics of the kids but my camera was dying and it was getting kinda late and cold so we decided to just head home.  As we got closer to the bridge and saw how pretty it looked we had to stop.  We pulled off at the exit that happened to have Crissy Field on it and we headed down the road.  We didn’t drive all the way to the field but we did stop in a parking lot to take pics real quick.  It was so beautiful ❤

IMG_1290cropped IMG_1292cropped IMG_1294cropped IMG_1295cropped

All the bridges in this area are so amazing!  They are scary lol but so amazing!  We got some In N Out for a late lunch/early dinner and dropped off Andrea and Scarlett.  I cleaned as soon as I got home because Scarlett was coming back over in about an hour for me to watch her!  We had a blast and I am so happy I get to watch her weekly ❤

IMG_20130221_203015 IMG_20130221_203057 IMG_20130221_203318

& now for my day today so far…

I woke up and sent Ryan off to work.  Just planning on staying home all day with my boy.  We already did some school and now we are taking a break.  We are just going to have a nice family night at home tonight with our boy ❤  Then off to Mt. Shasta tomorrow morning to see him off 😦

But to think of the bright side of things…Feburary is almost over and we get him back April 7th.  His 6th birthday!  We are going to drive to Oregon on April 5th and attend his amazing birthday party and then bring our boy back home ❤  I am hoping that my daycare takes off while he is gone so that way I get used to it and he has bunches of friends to play with when he gets back home!  I don’t want him to leave…. 😦


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  1. veronica lee says:

    Your kiddos are adorable!!

    Hi Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

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